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Why List Your Property with Baja Sun Real Estate?


Today's San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Real Estate Market is all about finding informative listings, with high quality photos over the internet. In addition an Agent’s website needs to rank high on search engines as well as advertising on dedicated San Felipe websites for the first chance to capture a Buyer's interest.

Achieving that goal is a numbers game and we need to create a detailed, attractive listing for your home. We then need to put it in front of as many potential buyers as we can. We achieve this by ranking high on search engines like Google, as well as having ideal placement on local San Felipe websites. This helps to attract the Buyers who have made the decision to purchase in San Felipe vs. other areas of Mexico. Social media via Facebook is a tool we utilize to bring additional exposure to our listings. Baja Sun is also the chosen San Felipe affiliate for one of the largest online Mexico real estate sites, which helps attract buyers just starting to explore the San Felipe area. 

We are able to offer our clients:

Ideal Office Location! Baja Sun Real Estate is conveniently located right along Highway 5 entering San Felipe in Plaza Paraiso at Km. 178.5. 

Informative Flyer and Brochure Displays! We display our flyers on our windows and supply a handy tri-fold with info & photos of our listings at our office location in order to share our listings with as many Buyers as possible...even when we are out of the office. 

Year Round Presence! We make it a priority for one of us to be present in San Felipe to be available for clients.

In addition we offer: 

Detailed Information! Buyers want as much information as possible when they’re trying to make an informed decision about their ideal San Felipe Home. Instead of withholding information about your property, we deliver as much information as possible. This will provide a significantly better chance of attracting qualified buyers.

Attractive listings! Buyers comment that informative listings with inviting, accurate photos attract their attention to help them make their decision.

High Quality Photos! We understand the power of photographs, and will include many high quality photos to make your listing shine. We make it a point to take and include high-quality photographs of your property because it does make a difference.

More power and personality! Our listings always include interactive maps, virtual tours, and many other features to showcase your property at the highest level of professionalism.